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We offer a structured portfolio of services that are to support every stage of your journey: from planning to configuration to construction and it does not end with the delivery of your expedition vehicle. PureXploring’s services are distinguished by its commitment and experience of many years in the field of engineering, technology, maintenance and exploration. Our team is dedicated to help you to make your dream come true. It will safely guide you to mitigate risks, meet or even exceed your expectations and ultimately get the most out of your Bliss Mobil.


Make your dreams come true! We accompany you through the process from your ideas and wishes to a concrete and actionable plan. Matching your travel plans with the features and equipment of your vehicle is already a journey in itself – very enjoyable, but also demanding. PureXploring offers expert advice and guidance.

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We coach you through the process from your idea to a concrete action plan and that also takes legal requirements into account. Our services are designed to assist you in all aspects, from ordering to the successful delivery and ultimately the registration of your Bliss Mobil. But before you can set off with your expedition vehicle, there are numerous steps to consider, decisions to make and administrative procedures to complete the registration in Switzerland.

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Exploring services are geared to get the most out of your extremely capable Bliss Mobil and thus experience maximum freedom of independence wherever you go. Jointly with our partners we provide support and maintenance services as well as training and guided expeditions to keep you going anywhere safely.

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