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Off-road traveling in various regions, climate zones and weather conditions demand a robust and proven technology for your safety. Therefore regular maintenance is crucial and mandatory to guarantee the functionality of your Bliss Mobil. Traveling off-road has different demands then cruising on main roads and periodically servicing not only protects your safety but also your investment.

Preventive Maintenance

Your Bliss Mobil is designed and engineered to withstand the roughest terrain and harshest climate conditions but a regular check-up is very important to ensure an impeccable functionality of your Bliss Mobil.

Service-friendly design and standardization again plays an important role when it comes to quick and easy maintainability. Each unit has its unique serial number that allows the service team to perform the maintenance with the right information at hand and in a cost-effective way. Preventive maintenance is available at the headquarter in Breda and PureXploring also offers the possibility to get your Bliss Mobil inspected in Switzerland. Of course we work closely together with the specialists from the Netherlands.

Specific adaptations & Repairs

Specific adaptation or extension and repair services for your truck and add-on equipment for your Bliss Mobil are offered by our Swiss specialist. Specialized equipment, components and parts from market-leading suppliers are available for almost all kinds of trucks, for example automotive lighting, tire inflation systems, pneumatic rescue equipment, hydraulic components or winches.


Exploring services are geared to get the most out of your extremely capable Bliss Mobil and thus experience maximum freedom of independence wherever you go. Jointly with our partners we provide support and maintenance services as well as training and guided expeditions to keep you going anywhere safely.