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Rental fleets and expeditions world-wide

Rental or guided expeditions are organized by our partners Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel.

Rental expeditions are perfect self-drive expeditions for those who want to enjoy unique experiences in a Bliss Mobil rental expeditions truck and ideal if you intend to become a Bliss Mobil owner. You travel with a small group of like-minded fellow-explorers on a guided tour. Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel are experienced partners and they will not only show you breath-taking landscapes but also train your driving skills.

For more information please check the Bliss Mobil Rental site.

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Exploring services are geared to get the most out of your extremely capable Bliss Mobil and thus experience maximum freedom of independence wherever you go. Jointly with our partners we provide support and maintenance services as well as training and guided expeditions to keep you going anywhere safely.