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About PureXploring

We are satisfied Bliss customers and owners of our own Bliss Mobil! This unique product convinced us and it is our ambition to make your dream come true. PureXploring was started to accompany clients in Switzerland and guide them through the selection and configuration process of both the Bliss Unit and the truck. In addition, we take care of the realization of the project including the registration, first use of the vehicle and be at hand for a variety of services in Switzerland.

A dream comes true

We are entrepreneurs at heart with a strong passion for engineering, high-tech and innovative technologies. That is why the first company in the IT Business was founded about two decades ago. Our dream came true with our own Bliss Mobil and we just fell in love with this amazing engineering wonder. We combine traveling and working in our ‘go anywhere’ vehicle.

Leave the beaten path

Having the freedom to explore new grounds is extremely exciting and inspiring at the same time. We were always passionate about traveling and adventurous expeditions in spectacular landscapes. Mobile living and working independently while supported by advanced and innovative technology with comfort was always a dream. Leaving the beaten path and exploring new routes and a new way of living – that is how PureXploring was born.

Our services

With this mindset and passion we founded PureXploring. A Swiss company with the scope to support the whole Pre- and After-Sales process. The Team from PureXploring is dedicated to assist you to make your dream come true. We will safely guide you to mitigate risks, meet or even exceed your expectations and ultimately get the most out of your Bliss Mobil.

We offer support in every project phase, from concrete planning to configuration and service for your expedition vehicle locally in Switzerland.

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