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Our objective is to guide you through the process and work together to define the key elements of your Bliss Mobil. We will sketch your expedition vehicle to give you an idea of what it will look like. The scope of the capabilities and the size of the base vehicle and the living unit are the basis for the configuration of the truck (new or used) as well the Bliss Mobil unit.

We will also discuss with you which accessories you would like to equip your home on wheels with. In the meantime, the truck can be customized or expanded to fit your specific use and the necessary equipment can be installed. PureXploring also takes care of the legal, tax and logistical tasks to ultimately allow you to easily and successfully import and register your Bliss Mobil in Switzerland.

Building your expedition vehicle to your plan and on budget - start exploring on time

What to expect

You can count on our expertise every step of the way – from project description to successful registration. It’s a collaborative journey – you tell us your ideas, wishes and “must-have” features, and we will propose solutions. We will discuss and challenge your ideas and wishes, to meet your expectations. If requested, we will act as a single point of contact and coordinate the individual steps from placing your order to the delivery of your own Bliss Mobil vehicle.

Specific adaptations and extensions of your truck
Our Swiss-based specialists offer services to prepare your truck to fulfill its mission. We offer specialized equipment, components and accessories from market-leading suppliers, for example, to increase fuel capacity, expand stowage boxes, mount vehicle lighting, install tire inflation systems, pneumatic and hydraulic rescue equipment, attach winches and much more. Our specialists plan and perform all services in a highly professional manner.

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