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From our own experience, we know how demanding the process can be in making your dream more concrete by finding the matching concept and the right partner. The key is not only to find the best product, but also to find a partner who will support you in all aspects of the process, like the purchase of the vehicle including the registration and during the many years of use of the vehicle.

“Freedom of Independence”
Bliss Mobil units are designed and engineered for extreme conditions and are truly self-sustaining. Their unique features make them profoundly different from any other expedition vehicles and offer you the possibility to travel wherever you want – independently.

Bliss Mobil redefined independent traveling by introducing ‘truck-independent’ models, incorporating the unrivaled features and benefits of the standardized container concept. The ingenious production process does not require to have the truck on site during production and allows for ‘easier’ shipment.

Proven concept with high-end engineering

The unique Bliss Mobil container concept and their standardized approach attracted us. If you are traveling in the middle of nowhere and you have problems with your vehicle you need to be able to to rely on proven systems as well as flawless support. Therefore everything needs to be documented and if needed spare parts must be available on short notice. Bliss Mobil Expeditions trucks are not one-off vehicles and their whole production process, systems and features are fully documented. Clients all over the world benefit from this proven and well-engineered quality product with a transparent and fixed pricing structure.

Find out more about the unique features that make Bliss Mobil truly different from any other expedition vehicles on the market. Products are designed and manufactured by people – visit the headquarter with its production- and service facilities and meet the Bliss Mobil team.

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