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Being prepared for the unknown to stay safe is key if you travel off the beaten roads. Recognizing and overcoming challenges also requires know-how and practical experience in dealing with difficult situations. All of our training offerings ensure knowledge, skills and, most importantly, practical exercises that prepare you to handle critical situations when the unexpected happens.

Technical training

The truck and the unit are both high performance systems that allow self-sufficient travel. You will have a basic training for your Bliss Mobil upon delivery. Proper use of the technology, systems and features not only allow for a comfortable and enjoyable journey, but more importantly, safety. From our own experience, we know how overwhelming the moment of starting your first trip can be. With our practical technical trainings for truck and unit you will deepen your knowledge and with hands-on exercises we will prepare you to be ready and thus relaxed on the road. Please contact us for more information about our training offerings.

Driving experience training

Safe and anticipatory driving, maneuvering on-road and off-road is key to your and others safety. Expedition vehicles are generally built to perform well in off-road conditions. It is important to understand the essential elements and proper use as well as the limitations of these vehicles and its main systems. This is crucial to avoid emergency situations or even accidents and damage. Working with experts, we will introduce the key principles and practice driving in challenging terrain in safe environments. Please contact us for more information about our training offerings.

Equipment training

For exploring remote areas, professional equipment is often carried in the vehicle. As important as suitable tools are their correct and safe handling that has to be practiced. For example, working with heavy weights requires not only know-how, but more importantly do-how. Together with experts in the field, we offer specialist knowledge as well as practical trainings and workshops, for example on self-rescue and many other topics. Please contact us for more information about our training offerings.


Exploring services are geared to get the most out of your extremely capable Bliss Mobil and thus experience maximum freedom of independence wherever you go. Jointly with our partners we provide support and maintenance services as well as training and guided expeditions to keep you going anywhere safely.