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The delivery of your Bliss Mobil marks a long-term period of exploring. No matter where you travel, you’ll be accompanied by robust and proven technology that keeps you safe. But in case of unexpected situations, you need partners you can trust. Reliable support services are an integral part of our products and the key to your safety in an emergency.

Incident Management

Your Bliss Mobil is engineered not only to ensure high quality, but also to guarantee optimal service to clients: Standardization again plays an important role when it comes to superior serviceability. Each Bliss Mobil has a unique serial number, enabling the service team to manage incidents with the right information at hand and solve problems professionally. Communication is based on the service ticketing system, ensuring short response times and a satisfying best-effort experience.

Knowledge Management

The delivery of your Bliss mobile starts with a two-day training: A general introduction and an intensive training of practice (do it yourself). Beyond that every customer has access to the customer portal that provides manuals, schematics and checklists. Of course, other training courses on various topics are also offered – for more information please contact us.

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Exploring services are geared to get the most out of your extremely capable Bliss Mobil and thus experience maximum freedom of independence wherever you go. Jointly with our partners we provide support and maintenance services as well as training and guided expeditions to keep you going anywhere safely.